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Swim & Dive Team. Fun for all ages.


Where can your kids have fun, learn something new, get exercise, and meet great friends? Swim and dive, of course! The Swim Dive Team representatives this year are Jen Bruce and Feliz Hall. We look forward to volunteering this year and helping this season be a great experience for all the swimmers, parents and coaches. We will continue the program philosophy that blends teaching with coaching, to develop skilled swimmers and divers ready to do their best and enjoy aquatic sports!

If you are unsure if your child is interested or ready for the swim team, we will have opportunities to ‘try it out’ on our registration nights.

Katherine Perez & Stephanie Renner

Head Coach: Jennifer Marks
Assistant Coach: Sydney Hanna
Assistant Coach: Kate Schaeffer

All forms needed to sign up for Swim and Dive are available on the website. Click on Swim and Dive Team Registration.

Practice Attendance:  All members of the Miami Hills Dolphins swim and dive team are expected to attend all practices. However, we understand that five workouts each week may be difficult for some new or young swimmers and divers. Parents, please work out an appropriate schedule for your child with his or her coach if your child will not be attending all practices. Also, we realize that some families will take a vacation during the season. Once again, please let your coach know if you will be out of town and not attending practice. Any Dolphin swimmer who is working out with a club team (MAST, CAC, etc) is not required to attend Miami Hills practices and is eligible to participate in Seven Hills League meets. Membership on another Seven Hills League team is not permitted.

Meet Participation: The weekly deadline for meet attendance is the end of practice on Wednesday.  Swimmers and divers must compete in at least 2 regular season meets to be eligible to compete in the Championship meet, Swim Champs.

Dual meets are on Thursdays.  Dive warm-ups begin at 3:00pm for the home team and at 3:30 for the visiting team, with the meet starting at 4:00. Please arrive 15 minutes before warm-ups. Swim warm-ups begin at 5:30 for the home team and 5:55 for the away team, with the swim portion of the meet beginning at 6:30. The coaches will inform their teams if there are any time changes. Please arrive 1/2 hour early to park, find our team area, and stretching, so that you can begin warm-ups in the water on time.

Each week the coaches decide what events the swimmers will swim. They will do their best to ensure that each athlete gets to swim as many events as possible and that they get to swim each event through the course of the season. By the end of the season, the coaches should have an accurate assessment of which swimmers will do the best in each event, to optimize performance at champs.