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Lessons. Everything you need to know about Swim/Dive Lessons 2019!

General Overview:

Miami Hills is proud to offer some of the best instruction for all of your swimming, diving and tennis lessons.

Our coordinators include Mary D’Errico for swim and dive and Michael Neverman for tennis. Any questions you may have regarding registration, course availability, skill levels, regarding swim/dive or tennis lessons can be directed to the front desk and they will get to both coordinators. If you would like to send them directly, you may e-mail swim/dive questions to Mary D’Errico: or tennis questions to Michael Neverman:

Lessons Offered:

Click the following to take you to the Swim, Dive and Water Exercises pages
  • Swim Lessons
  • Dive Lessons
  • Private Swim Lessons and Adult Swim Lessons: All levels are available. Please contact Mary D’Errico to inquire about these options.
  • Water Exercises: This program will be a mild to vigorous work-out. You will need to work at your own pace.

For registration forms, dates, and specific details regarding all lessons, hover the cursor over the LESSONS tab to view the drop down menus.