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Lessons. Everything you need to know about Swim/Dive Lessons 2017!

General Overview:

Miami Hills is very proud to offer some of the best instruction for swim lessons. Mary D’Errico will once again be coordinating all of the swim and dive lessons and sign-ups for this summer.  Any questions you may have regarding registration, course availability, skill levels, or anything else regarding swim or dive lessons can be directed to Mary.  If during the summer operating hours, please leave a message for them at the front desk or email them to:

For our swim lessons program, we will be offering both morning and evening lessons again for Sessions 1, 2, and 3.  The lifeguards will be thoroughly trained and assessed on their teaching techniques in order ensure that each child is getting the best possible lesson and instruction.

Dive lessons are offered in the morning only and will be taught by Marlee McCloud and Salvatore Marino.

Lessons Offered:

  • Swim Lessons for ages 5 and up: Swim Lessons will return to 2 week sessions for $25. If you need to split a session the fee will be $30. To help accommodate hectic summer schedules, we appreciate your timely response in handing in all registration forms. There will be a $10 additional fee for sign-up forms turned in after the deadline – deadlines are specified on sign-up sheets.
  • Pre-school Swim Lessons for ages 3 and 4:  This program has been well received over the past two years. Therefore, we have decided to make positive changes that will further enhance this program for our young swimmers. This class will be separated into a 3-year old class from 12-12:20. The 4-year old class will be from 10:30-10:55. Class enrollment will be limited to six participants. If your child requires 1:1 assistance, you will be required to be in the water with your child during class.
  • Swim Levels 5 and 6: Will be offered on an as needed basis if possible. Please contact Mary D’Errico if you are interested in these levels for your child. These levels are beneficial in providing improved swimming mechanics, increased endurance and increased confidence for the swimmer. Contact:
  • Parent-Tot Clinics: These classes will be run as “clinic” style versus a full session format. We will instruct the basics of water adjustment, novice swimmer safety, and how to make water fun and safe for the kids. The information taught is vital to establishing confidence and water safety guidelines for both the parents and the tots.Please contact Mary D’Errico to inquire about the clinics. The purpose of the Parent-Tot Clinics is to instruct ADULTS on how to engage with a novice swimmer in the water. It is required that the parent/guardian of the child participate in the water with the child in order to receive the most beneficial learning experience.
  • Private Swim Lessons and Adult Swim Lessons: Any and all levels are available as requested. Please contact Mary D’Errico to inquire about these options.
  • Non-Member Swim Lessons: Lessons for non-members are available. Please contact Mary D’Errico directly.
  • Dive Lessons: The dive program will also be a 2 week session for $20.  If you need to split the session, the cost will be $25.  If you miss the deadline for registration, please add $10 to the amount due.
  • Water Exercises: This program will be a mild to vigorous work-out. You will need to work at your own pace.

For registration forms, dates, and specific details regarding all lessons, hover the cursor over the LESSONS tab to view the drop down menus.